Founder of Makani
Joana & Serkan

We are Joana and Serran, both mid-20 and want to give you an insight into our company, like our vision.

We are my heart that one acts as transparent as possible to give the customer a feeling which values ​​are important to us and what we are standing for.

Who does not know the situation? You broke the internet and find a suitable accessory for you.
One of the frequent reasons why it is decided on the other hand, either the price or because morally can not be stood behind the product.

We would like to solve this problem for you.

Our story

Makani comes from the Hawaiian and means translated "wind".
According to this motto, we would like to launch a fresh breeze as a young entrepreneur, offering timeless and vegan mode accessories made under the best possible conditions.

Do it yourself
#First steps

As a self-financed company, we were unable to involve external persons in the project. We quickly realized that we had to take many things in my own hands so that the living room became a mix of photo studio and shipping bearings.


After just a few months, demand was so high that we have decided to move into a greater spatiality.
Here all packages are lovingly packed and sent directly to you.